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Yoro Diallo was born from Toumany Diallo and Djénéba Diakité just after African independence. Married and father of four children, Yoro Diallo, affectuously called Tchékorobani, (meaning ‘’the old little man’’ in the local language), is from Wassoulou, precisely Wassada, a village situated in the circle of Yanfolila /Region of Sikasso in Mali. Music is a gift for Yoro because neither did he inherit from the family nor did he learn it with someone else. It is since his early childhood that he is going to play alone this six- string instrument then called Samakoro in good autodidact very rapidly he is going to change it into Kamalen N’goni with six strings.




– In 1992, « BEMAKAN » his first album (cassette) of six songs recorded in cote d’Ivoire by Samassa Production;
– In 1993 « DOUNOUGNAN » produced by Samassa Production;
– In 1997, « DJANDJO », always with the same producer;
– In 1999, albums « DJINA » and « WALIGNOUMAN » were produced in Abidjan by Seydou Production;
– In 2002, « CAN 2002 », always produced in Abidjan by Seydou Production.
– In 2004 « RETOUR », an opus of eight songs (CD) by Djamnaty Production (Mali);
– In 2007 « DOUNYA KADI » (meaning ‘’the world in wonderful’’ in English) also produced by Djamnaty production (Mali);
– In 2012 « Africa » his last opus which will be very soon for sale by Djamnaty production (Mali).