The N’Goni is one of Africa’s treasures, specifically of the Wassoulou area in Mali, used during the Malian rites and celebrations. Incontrovertible instrument of the dozo culture and of the hunter’s world, it has been there since since the dawn of time (approximately 12th century).




Initially known under the name of Dozo N’Goni (the hunter’s n’Goni), it was the symbol of the hunters and of their brotherhood, the instrument that would accompany their hunting tales, their musical games, their praises, but also traditional medicine and communication with the spirits.

In the 50s, Alata Bourleil and Yoro Diallo, then young musicians appropriated the Dozo N’Goni, willing to emphasize it outside of the initiatic traditional realm and thus creating the Kamele (youth) N’Goni.