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 Album « Koya »

Mix et Métisse – RFI Talent / CSB Production – L’Autre Distribution (november 2016)

 Abou Diarra cover album Koya

Abou Diarra is one of those rare artists who doesn’t get involved in a new project unless pushed by an inner profound necessity. Koya, named after his mother as a tribute, joins quite naturally the continuance of a long musical thought process while venturing in new directions. For the first time, Abou intertwines Nicolas Repac samples with his own electro grooves mixed together with Vincent Bucher harmonica blues. Nonetheless, he is never venturing far from a genuine malian musical spirit, being on the kamele n’goni or the singing, nicely sustained by Toumani Diabaté. Abou Diarra’s fervor shows behind each note of this album, full of humble richness, like himself : a deep sincerity, a full acceptation of life seen as a constant becoming, and towering over all, the serene feeling of a higher harmony.

Album « Live at New Morning »

Koala Prod – Rue Stendhal (october 2015)

Abou Diarra Live au New Morning


Although he’s been influenced by traditional culture from Mali, his style and life are unique. He was initiated to music by a blind virtuoso. He then wandered through Africa (from Abidjan to Bamako) along with his N’goni, crossing far remote villages as well as modern cities. His music is about travel, exile, movement. “Fascinated by the blues, jazz, afro piti, reggae, was- soulou music (traditional blues from Mali), groove and rhythms and styles that blend country, sounds, influences, Abou Diarra pushes out the exploration of classic ranges, using his n’goni as a guitar, bass, harp or percussion.”



Album « Sabou »

Mix et Métisse – Digital Services – L’autre Distribution ( April 2013)

Abou Diarra album Sabou
After several years in exile in African countries, countless miles and used strings, Sabou appears like the first stone on the edge of the road, like the footprint left by the traveller in his quest for loneliness and exile. Sabou is both a painful and nostalgic tribute to the relatives who left too early and too fast, but is also an ode to life, to choices, to the poetry of words, to the ancestral secrets that rhythm life and that makes men danse… A tribute to oral tradition, to celebration, to music and to Bambara wisdom.

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Album « An Ka Belebele »

Mix et Métisse – Digital Services – Satellite Music ( October 2010)

Abou Diarra

In April 2008, he records his second album “An Ka Belebele” and decides to work with traditional instruments acoustically. “An Ka Belebele” makes a clean break from his first record. Nonetheless, Abou is still tied to his roots; he doesn’t abandon rhythm boxes nor electric guitars, yet he seeks a new style in traditional instruments, harmonies mixing the basics of Wassoulou Malian music to Western influences (blues, jazz…) The album perfectly transcripts a constant worry about mixed culture, between the warmth of acoustic instruments and modern tones. As the previous one, the album was very successful in Mali. It was released in october 2010 in France.